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Explore Holistic Health & Wellbeing with B-YOUnique

Updated: Mar 20

Hey YOUnique Soul,

My YOUniverse just got a little bigger - join me in celebrating my new blog! As I know that not all of you are using Social Media as a source of information and inspiration, I hope I can reach YOU with these lines. In case you still prefer to watch my YouTube Video around this topic, I have it right here for you :-)

As the world of Holistic Health & Wellbeing is huge, and there is an abundance of counselors, therapists, coaches, gurus and guides - all with their very own approach, I found it crucial to share with you what you can expect, when entering my world.

The foundation of B-YOUnique is built on the massive pillars of the ancient wisdom of a holisitc medical system called Ayurveda.

Ayurveda translates as the "Knowledge of Life"

Don't we all wish to know more about life? How to live a healthy, happy, fulfilled life?

There are so many questions that seemingly won't be answered.

When I started my journey of figuring out more about myself and the purpose I have on this earth, Meditation was the first tool that brought "answers". Suddenly my path started to unravel itself effortlessly. I started to dive in to Mindfulness, Yoga, and the infinite sageness of Ayurveda.

At some point I found myself delving in so deeply, that it became clear to me, that my studies to the teachings of Ayurveda Medicine, Ayurveda Philosophy and Ayurveda Psychology, will be a life long journey.

All that said, I'd like to make you understand, that my work contains literally all aspects of life. I firmly believe that most ailments have their roots in our psyche though. This means that I work holistically, but with a focus on your Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing.

"No matter how much we have, if we don't feel balanced physically, mentally and emotionally - we feel unfulfilled."

So - Let's dive into what Holistic Health and Wellbeing mean to me, and how adopting the following approach, can lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life.

Living your balance is a luxury, is the credo B-YOUnique stands for. Be assured, that living in balance is an ongoing journey - and not a fixed state that we're trying to reach. It is a lifestyle, a mindset and a lifelong commitment of mindful living.

Holistic Health

There are 3 dimensions which belong into this area.

  • Physical Health: To be physically healthy we strive for the absence of illness or injury. We wish to feel energized, fit, strong and flexible. So how do we reach this? Sure, we all are aware of the fact, that movement plays a crucial role. Nutrition also got more into the awareness of people. So far so good - Now, it is equally important to give our bodies the needed relaxation and periods of rest. This includes a healthy sleep hygiene, mindful breathing, massages, holidays and of course I'd highly recommend a meditation practice. :-) You might wonder what meditation has to do with your body - but this goes beyond the scope of this blogs topic. It is important to know though, that your body, your mind, and your heart are in an intricate connection and this results in the fact, that an imbalance in one aspect can affect the others.

  • Emotional Health: To feel emotionally balanced, it is key to connect with yourself. You want to understand, manage and express your emotions mindfully. You know yourself for your whole life - but many of us have lost the ability to connect with their own emotions, their spirituality and their true self. This disconnect can lead to deep pain and lures us oftentimes to unhealthy coping strategies, which steer us into a vicious circle. Most of my clients are keen on developing skills for stressmanagement, dealing with high pressure and finding a way to grow their self love. What is it for YOU?

  • Menal Health: Although all three dimensions are intertwined, there is a particularly close connection between our mental and emotional health. In Ayurveda both areas belong to 'manas/manah' which (in a short manner) could be translated to our psyche. So if we learn to understand our mind, we can embark on a journey of befriending the mind, detecting negative thought patterns, and choosing our thoughts mindfully. This will give us more control over not only our thoughts, but also the related emotions and as a conclusion our daily habits.

Now health "alone" doesn't seem to make the human being happy. Although I'd really hope for you, that you commit to just one ting RIGHT NOW! Please, start cultivating more gratefulness for your health. Even if there might be some imbalances at the moment - you are alive YOUnique Soul.

Take a moment each and every day to celebrate this. Maybe you want to try my

Gratitude Meditation to start this new daily habit. :-)


There are another 3 dimensions which belong into the area of Wellbeing.

  • YOU: What do YOU need to be well? Do you spend enough time elaborating what it is you like, dislike, aspire in life? Did you ever dare to ask yourself any of these questions? - Who am I? - What do I believe? - What is my purpose? - What is important to me? - What are the values I want to live by? - What kind of human being do I want to be? This list could go on and on ... And I know that it can get overwhealming - seeking support, will help you navigate through this. Believe me it will be worthwile. #SpiritualHealth

  • CommYOUnity - Your Inner Circle: The people that surround you have an immense impact on your wellbeing. Become aware of your community. How are your relationships with Family, Friends, Kids, or your romantic partner? Are your relationships fulfilling? Do you ever take time to reflect on the quality of your connections? Fostering healthy relationships, and practicing a compassionate approach are integral components for your overall wellbeing. #SocialHealth

  • YOUniverse - The Collective: Zoom out and have a broader look at your YOUniverse. I don't even mean this in a spiritual manner - although it can of couse include that. I mean just about everything that surrounds you. Everything your senses get in touch with. The place where you live, your work or your endeavours, nature in all its forms, the current spirit of the time, global topics and everything else that has to do with the collective experience.

There are so many facets to our lives and you deserve to feel healthy, happy, free, loved and shamelessly self expressed YOUnique Soul. I wish for you to carry a strong body, a free mind, and a blissful heart, that allows you to live a more balanced life.

Ayurveda Medicine, Philosophy and Psychology have the universal mightyness to embrace all of the above. I'm sure you can understand now, why it is a life long study, and why I'm captivated to keep on studying the richess of this health system.

My supreme discipline along the way, has consitently been Mindfulness & Meditation and I'm sure it can enrich your life too.

Through my 1:1 work, my YouTube Channel, my Instagram and also this new born blog here, I'm trying to share some of these priceless aspects in a simple manner.

I hope YOU enjoy the journey...

love B.

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