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Springtime Symphony 🌸 | Ayurveda's Vasanta Rtu and it‘s connection to a balanced life

Springtime Vibes

Hey YOUnique Soul, can you feel the vibes too?

Springtime arrives, and with it comes a delightful dance of rejuvenation - in the Ayurvedic tradition known as Vasanta Rtu. While the world awakens from its wintry slumber, Ayurveda invites us to sync our rhythms with nature's vibrant pulse.

It has already been a while now, since I started to feel this energy of change, new beginnings, fresh motivation and growth. I felt the urge to recharge and get myself ready for big things. 💥

Before going out into the world again - I felt naturally drawn to withdraw and introspect. The timing made so much sense, as Vasanta Rtu in Ayurveda started already in February (Vasanta Rtu: 22.2. - 21.04.).

The year has just started and I asked myself some important questions:

  • What is going well so far?

  • What is missing?

  • What is my deepest desire for the next couple of months?

  • Am I using my gifts for the right purpose and with the right intentions?

  • Am I walking my talk?

  • Do I honor my values - in my thoughts, in my speech and in my actions?

  • Am I living my life in MY YOUnique balance?

Reflecting on these questions made me take action, toward the creation of a purposeful new beginning. 💫

The power of New Beginnings

Spring carries this exciting energy of a fresh start. There are many traditions that celebrate the new year at, or around, the Spring Equinox, which happens to be today ☺️

Thus, let me wish you (once again) a Happy New Year YOUnique Soul! 🌅

I wish you the courage to shine your light, and create a life that fuels you with a feeling of purpose, happiness and love.

Last year I held a workshop around the topic of Spring Time & New Beginnings, this video shares some of the content we covered.

Kindly leave your comment below the video - I would love to read your own opinions and views around this topic. (I would of course also appreciate a click on the like button, if you did like it - or if you just feel like being nice 🤭)

Retreat & Cleansing

Vasanta Rtu is the perfect time for a cleanse. Ayurveda suggests to let go of all the accumulated Kapha, which was needed during winter time (see blog post: Śiśira Rtu).

Due to the warmer weather, the wet and oily Dosha is 'melting' now, and therefore creates more mucus and sliminess within our bodies, and often also a more sluggish mental state.

Many of us react with feeling a lack of energy or enduring tiredness, we easily catch colds or a flu and some of us are getting through the yearly hay fever period. A cleansing treatment is of great benefit during Vasanta Rtu.

Vardhamana - An Ayurveda Cleanse

The popular 'Spring Cleaning' doesn't only make sense in our homes.

I decided to support my Agni, (digestive fire and driving force in all metabolic processes) in all the hard work that it has to do - especially in Vasanta Rtu. There is so much transofrmation going on - in our bodies, in nature and ideally also in our thoughts and habits.

While in winter we are more inside and tempt to be more sluggish and still - we now have to get ready for more movement. As mother nature awakens, so do we...

Here are a couple of checkpoints:

  • Clean Body: Introducing a cleansing diet will help your body with the elimination of toxins, excess fat deposits, and the mentioned properties, of the now hightened Kapha Dosha.

  • Clean Mind: We all know that Nature, Body and Mind are always in symbiosis. So ask yourself what's currently cluttering your mind? What can you let go of? Which believe would you like to transform? Where do you feel stuck and might need to reroute? What would help you to gain peace of mind?

  • Clean Heart: Make sure to let your emotions flow in a healthy way. Suppressing, ignoring or negating them will never leave you with a feeling of freedom and love. Our inner world will always catch up and show up, in whatever form or way. If you manage to stay in touch with your feelings and give them the room they deserve and need, they will be your most potent and healing guides.

  • Clean Surroundings: Look around - do you like what you see?

What can grow now?

Now that you've created some space - take a moment to realize how freeing this feels. Renouncing or letting go can be hard, but now YOUnique Soul, it's time to let things grow that did not have enough room before.

New friendships, a new hobby, a new job, a new home or new thought patterns, routines and habits - YAY ! Doesn't this sound exciting?

It's time to invite new things to your life, freshen up the forgotton or let seeds, that you've been watering for long time, finally blossom. 🌺

Be inspired by nature

Step outside and surrender to the playful embrace of Mother Nature herself. Watch how she shows us once again, what the time is ripe for.

Breathe in the floral and fresh scents and bring them into your home as well. What do you like most? My diffuser is currently spraying the lovely scent of roses, sweet orange or lavender. 🥰

Let the earth beneath your feet ground you, while the gentle breeze whispers secrets of renewal and growth.

I believe that sunshine is nature's way of smiling at us - so next time when her sunrays tickle your face, smile back! 😍

I know there has been a lot of rain in Zurich lately... Ha! Could it be, that nature is going through a nice cleanse as well, before she is ready to shine her light again?

Transformation takes time, and nature is never in a rush. So try to indulge yourself in the beauty of springtime's symphony, allowing its melody to serenade you into a state of pure bliss. 😌

I don't know about YOU - but I'm soo ready to bloom now!

I wish you the most wonderful spring time YOUnique Soul and I'm curious to hear about your "Spring Cleanse" on all levels.

I'm looking forward to seeing your light shine brighter than ever, now that all the dust has been blown off. ☀️

As always - remember this: Working on yourself (especially on a mental & emotional basis) is hard work and can feel overwhealming. Never shy away from seeking help. 🙏🏽

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Much love to YOU 🤍

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