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"When our soul suffers, our body becomes sick.

Love yourself enough to let go of anything that doesn't feed your soul. "



We all go through ups and downs, joys and sorrows, love and arguments - sometimes we win and sometimes we have to mourn great losses. However, what this does to our soul is completely individual from person to person.


B-YOUnique is there to hear YOUR story and to work with you on the wellbeing of your soul. Healing your heart will make you feel stronger, freer, happier, and overall healthier.


Emotional Health

Welcome YOUnique Soul - First let's define, what health means in our commYOUnity.

It's about exploring yourself, life & it's aspects. During this journey we will figure out together, how to bring more balance into your own YOUniverse. Our approach will never be isolated, but always include the aspects of your Physical-, Mental- & Emotional Health. You will also find this to be true, referring to the philosophy of Yin & Yang.

These 3 concepts, are uncompromisingly linked, so ...


  • if your body is doing well - it automatically affects the health of mind & soul.

  • if you work on your mental state, you will feel physical and emotional improvement.

  • if you take care of your soulset/heartset, it will have an immediate impact on your mindset and healthset.


Take the decision, to make yourself the most precious gift you'll ever receive.


Invest in yourself & your personal development - It will lead you to more balance.

Living your balance is a luxury, so treat yourself to B-YOUnique. 

What does it mean for YOU to be happy?


For some, happiness means - success at work, in love or an abundance of material possessions. You look for it in other people, in circumstances and in things. Of course, external influences can fill us with joy for a short time, we have all experienced that. But if we put too much emphasis on these things, it brings us into a certain dependency. We cling to the good & beautiful things in life and if this is taken away from us, we feel bad.

A person finds the only true happiness within. When we are internally in balance, external circumstances can no longer influence us so quickly and we are fundamentally more balanced.

Of course, the outside world is also part of our lives - and it also needs to be balanced. ​​


So we work on your innermost being - your dreams, fears, desires, blockages, etc. (YOU)

As well as the external influences that are important in your life - relationships, family, work, money, etc. (YOUniverse)

love B - black.png


Do you worry about your love life?

Träume & Wünsche

Dreams & Wishes

Are you living your dream? Do you take your wishes seriously?

Bestimmung, Sinn des Lebens

Life Purpose

Are you looking for your purpose? Do you need help with your self-realization?


Self love

Cultivate your self-esteem, self-confidence & self-love

Body positivity

Body positivity

Do you love your body just the way it is?


Peace of mind

Contact me with your personal concern and we will find your YOUnique way.


Are you happy with your lifestyle? Can you handle your health, time for yourself, family and friends?

Trinken im Freien

Worries & Fears

Are you worried about the future or do you carry around other fears?

luxus, luxuriös

Live in luxury

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