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Your private Retreat won't find more YOUniqueness...


​On your private retreat, I plan your YOUnique time out. All around your wishes and needs. ​


All YOU have to do, is pack your bags and off we go...

Each and every day, is your chance for a new beginning. 

I'm looking forward to meeting YOU!

Flights & Transfers


  • dream about where you wish to go to

  • check your calendar and find out when and for how long you can go



  • I'll take care of it

Image by Philip Myrtorp



  • tell me how you want to be living



  • Send you some top picks and will book what suits you

Image by Juan Burgos
Image by Patrick Schneider

Health & Wellbeing



  • We'll discuss your goals for this retreat and possible follow-up solutions.


  • Plan a retreat program that is tailored to your goals. Coaching sessions, meditations, breathwork, mindfulness training, yoga and massages can be part of it.


Leisure & Co.

Your leisure program is also taken care of: excursions, restaurant bookings and whatever else your heart desires can be organized by me on request.

Of course, all this is not a must and you can also take the planning of this retreat into your own hands.

What now?

Back home also means back to your everyday life. ​ But this should be redesigned after your wellbeing retreat, right?


Change is often easier when we are in a different environment. Once you're back at home , your new self can be overpowered by your old one, and its habits and circumstances. ​


This adjustment period can be critical. In such case, it is recommended, that I accompany you on the first few steps back home. I will stay on-site, for as long as it takes for you to feel stable enough.


Afterwards, we can stay in touch over the phone and schedule regular check-in's, so you will stay true to your new self.

Stilistisch dekoriertes Wohnzimmer


To ensure, your retreat success remains sustainable, we stay in touch. ​


Together we plan your regular future check-ins.


​I'm already looking forward to laughing about our common memories, celebrating your breakthroughs and continuing to work on your goals.


Each and every day, is your chance for a new beginning.

I'm looking forward to meeting YOU!

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