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Be a YOUnique business

Corporate Health, Employee Wellbeing & Culture Management

Individual. In-house. International.

" The health of your employees is directly related to the success of the company."

Physische und Psychische Gesundheit _ Prävention _ Mental coaching _ lifestyle coaching _ Meditaion _ Achtsamkeit _ Yoga _ ganzheitliche Ernährungsberatung _ Massagen

Expectations are increasing every year. It is often only a matter of time before our health suffers.

Whether physically or mentally - early prevention helps.

What is a YOUnique business?

Individual. In-house. Inernational.

B-YOUnique for Business is a YOUnique approach to build YOUnity in your company.


By facilitating consitent growth for each individual employee, the whole company culture is impacted.


Every person is YOUnique - that's why I create a personalized approach for each employee.


"The most profitable investment, is the one in your employees"


  • Your company is transforming into a place full of like-minded, purposeful people, who strive for more.

  • Your employees will value their employer more than ever before. This results in the highest level of motivation, pride and willingness to go the extra mile.

  • As YOUnique Business, you are a pioneer and will set a fundamental example in corporate health management & well-being.

  • Your company highlights and shows the importance of the continuous appreciation of employees and their health.

B-YOUnique for Business



  • Improve physical & mental health

  • Increase performance

  • Increase motivation

  • Increase creativity

  • Increase employee satisfaction

  • Reduce sick days

  • Prevent Burnout

  • Better stressmanagement

  • Promote employee retention

Ziele und Lösungsansätze _ B-YOUnique for Business



  • Mindfulness, Ayurveda Psychology

  • Lifestyle & Mental Coaching

  • Advice on sleep and recovery phases

  • Mindfulness training

  • Meditation

  • Pranayama (breathing exercises)

  • Yoga & other exercise tips

  • Ergonomics at the workplace

  • Health & Nutrition Advice

  • Stress management

  • Balance Coaching in all areas of life

Marble Surface
Gesundheit und Zeit _ B-YOUnique for Business

Why B-YOUnique for Business?

Nothing is more valuable than your

health & your time.

One does not work without the other. If we endanger our health, we have less time.

Less time in which we feel vital and strong. Less time for nice moments with the family. Less time to pursue our hobbies, goals and wishes. Less time to do a great job. So if we want more time - we have to invest in our health.


We can experience holistic health, when we are doing well on all levels - physically, emotionally and mentally.


This can only be achieved by balancing the different areas of our lives. Our relationships (with ourselves and the people around us), lifestyle, mindset, finances and work constantly influence us.


With B-YOUnique for Business, we strive to work out exactly this balance, for each of your employees individually. Step by step & continuously towards the goal.

How? What? When? Where?

How can we achieve this goal?

Including two or three workshops a year into the corporate health management strategy is not the ideal approach. The employees will certainly take in some of it, but they will hardly remember everything, let alone integrate it into their lives. On the day of the workshop people are often highly motivated, but the next day they are again in their daily routines and easily fall back into old patterns. This is completely normal - but it's also a shame. The money and time have been invested, but the benefits are only noticeable in the short term. No worries - there is hope!


What is the solution?

Constancy is the recipe for success - through regular training of our brain, we can sustainably influence behavior and thought patterns, routines and feelings. Meditation & mindfulness practice are very effective tools. Of course, our body also plays an important role. It is crucial to nourish it with the right food, implement regular exercise and relaxation.


Body, mind and soul are in an intensive interrelationship. When training, nourishing and caring for all three components regularly and holistically, we recognize our potential and this allows us to become happier, healthier and more productive people. I invite you to finding your balance with

B-YOUnique for Business and being able to integrate and live it on a daily basis.


I'm just too busy - when and where should I do this?

B-YOUnique for Business is available to employees anytime - anywhere.


It is a combination of:

  • Personal on-site or zoom consultations
    (Private counseling)

  • Regular information via blog posts / newsletters, videos and a possible company podcast

  • As an event manger I know one thing for sure: Events connect & bring joy. So, I will organize different happenings like: Workshops, lectures, interviews, after-work gatherings, team retreats, incentives etc., to make people bond even more.


Save time

Commuting to a lifestyle coach, nutritionist, meditation or yoga training is no longer necessary - a lot of time is saved because the go-to person is part of the team and takes time for each employee individually. This creates a basis of trust, which enables a holistic view of every person.


Worldwide - around the clock

To stay on track, all well-being and health tips can also be accessed from home, during a business trip, on the way to the office or during a workout. Through videos, a podcast, or as a regular newsletter, the topic remains up-to-date and easily accessible from anywhere.


Not just a company - also a commYOUnity

Group sessions, workshops and other events promote the feeling of togetherness. The company culture is strengthened and the joy and pride in being part of this company is growing steadily.

B-YOUnique for Business not only promotes the health and well-being of your employees, but also connects them with one another. A certain family dynamic develops, which increases general satisfaction and decreases the rate of termination.

Alles unter einem Dach _ vor Ort _ In-house _ Individuell _ Innovativ _ B-YOUnique for Business
News _ BGM _ B-YOUnique for Business _ Arbeitsausfälle _ Investition in Mitarbeiter _ Gesundheit

(no) BREAKING News

Invest and save at the same time - with B-YOUnique for Business

In Switzerland, the average values ​​for the costs of lost work time, range between CHF 4,800 and

CHF 12,000 per employee, per year. The direct costs of the company, such as uninsured wage benefits, ancillary wage costs and bonus, etc. are not included. Absences can also have consequences such as postponements, deployment of extra staff, overtime of other employees, production downtimes or problems with orders and dissatisfied customers. Additional costs can also arise for reintegration measures or even for legal proceedings.

(Source EKAS, Swiss Confederation)


"We know" all of that and yet the numbers are increasing year after year. I invite you to do pioneering work - show your employees how valuable they are and save money at the same time.


"A company's most valuable investment -

is in their employees"

  • More energy

  • More motivation

  • More focus

  • Better mood

  • Better digestion

  • Stronger immune system

  • Better sleep

  • More resilience

  • Better skin

  • Slowed down cell aging

Meditation und Achtsamkeit _ Mindfulness _ meditieren _ pranayama

Meditation & Mindfulness

  • Increase concentration, motivation and endurance

  • Release blockages, fears and worries

  • Lifestlye changes

  • Deepen self-love

  • Cultivate compassion

  • Increase the joy of life

  • Sleep & Stress management

  • Money & Growth mindset

  • Mindful communication & Leadership

  • Inner peace & bliss

Gesunde Ernährung _ ganzheitliche Ernährungsberatung _ individuelle Ernährungsberatung


  • Adapted to individual constitution

  • More energy

  • More motivation

  • More focus

  • Better mood

  • Better digestion

  • Stronger immune system

  • Better sleep

  • More resilience

  • Better skin

  • Slower cell aging

Image by Hello I'm Nik

Personal Development |  Culture Management

  • self-awareness

  • self worth

  • self-consciousness

  • social skills

  • willingness to change

  • sense of responsibility

  • stress reduction

  • lifestyle

  • creativity

  • focus

  • balance & resilience

  • inner peace & open mind

  • relationships (professional, private)

Hi Im B - super smile.jpg

Who is B?
Hi - it's me

Grüezi - I'm Belinda and I:


  • am the founder of B-YOUnique

  • see it as my purpose to help people live a healthy & happy life

  • work with a holistic perspective and approach

  • speak six languages

  • am always wearing a smile



  • Holistic Nutritional Advisor

  • Yoga Teacher

  • Meditation & Mindfulness Coach

  • Conventional and Ayurvedic Medicine, specializing in Psychology

  • Continuous further education in the field of Health & Wellbeing

  • In addition, my training in Eventmanagement & Online Marketing supports me in designing and implementing all of my ideas for your company (on-site & online)

Image by Austin Chan
Purpose _ Zeichen _ Zweck _ Lebensaufgabe _ B-YOUnique for Business

How did 
B-YOUnique for Business come about?

I have been working in the corporate world since 2004 - and although I love the international flair, the different cultures and the fast-paced environment - I always had this strong sense of responsibility for the health of everyone around me.


Sure, everyone wants to shine at their work, including me, of course. Many people are ready to really invest everything in it. However, sometimes this investment goes too far and this often leads to serious health problems. It creeps in slowly - starting with a few harmless overtime hours, then breaks are skipped and quickly it is affecting your private life. Time with friends, family and most of all for yourself, is being sacrificed and becoming increasingly scarce.


This quickly affects our psyche - it becomes harder to focus, we feel stressed, irritable and often face sleeping problems. Physically, this manifests itself in the form of headaches, fatigue, dissatisfaction, high blood pressure and a weakened immune system. This results in illnesses that can arrise on a physical, mental or emotional level. Without taking any mesures, people often burnout or even get into a depression.


I've seen this far too many times in my career and I just wanted to be able to do more than give good advice to my colleagues. It is my mission to proactively help people live happy, healthy, successful and balanced lives.


With a holistic approach that considers the professional and personal life of a person, B-YOUnique for Business is committed to helping your employees to find, keep and live their balance. Not only will we examine physical and mental health, but also will we analyze various important areas of life, such as relationships (to yourself and others), lifestyle, mindset, finances and work.


The aim is, to find a balance between all areas of life and thus between physical-, mental- & emotional health. Only in this way one can realize their full potential and create the best versions of themselves. 


Bring B-YOUnique into your business and invite your employees to the most transforming journey of their lives.


Become a YOUnique business.


Testimonials Marco & Christian.jpg

Marco & Christian

Managing Directors

Go with the flow


There is nothing better than following your heart, but therefore you need a good access to yourself. During the demanding times founding our company - Vivere Innenarchitektur GmbH, we were able to keep ourselves in the "flow" with yoga asanas and energy flow exercises. It provided us with the necessary energy to start our own business.


Thank you for the valuable tips and the great conversations - Belinda!



Marco & Christian


Testimonial Manuele de Gennaro.jpg

Manuele de Gennaro

Managing Director

More mindfulness for health


When the bill came for the long sitting, the bad posture, the stress and quickly eating something at the desk, Belinda helped me a lot with simple yoga exercises and stress management tricks.


With new routines which I now implemented in my daily life, as well as more mindfulness for my posture and diet, I still feel fit even after a long day.


Thank you Belinda!

Testimonial Franziska mit Paul.jpg


Gruppenleiterin MTRA Nuklearmedizin

Career & being a mom


I love my job and I take care of my patients with all my heart. But this has now been completely taken by my wonderful baby. Although I am still on maternity leave, I am already troubled by the worry that I will soon have to tear myself away from my son and find my way back to working life.


I turned to Belinda for advice - In addition to very valuable conversations, she gave me "homework" in the areas of mindfulness, gratefulness and the subject of letting go.


I feel better from week to week and I'm starting to look forward to the part of my life, where I can also be ME - not exclusively mommy.

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