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I just love to cooperate with like-minded people. Together we are SO much stronger and can make the world a healthier & happier place. Holistic health & wellbeing has as many facets, as life itself - excercise, lifestyle, sleep, enjoyment, nutrition, relaxation, YOU name it...

Do you agree? Then let's go - Cooperate with me.

Existing partnerships

Private Addiction and Mental Health Clinic

"The world's most personalized and discreet addiction and mental health clinic with 15+ physicians and therapists dedicated to one client at a time."

That's what I call YOUniqueness!

Paracelsus Recovery clients enjoy an exclusive and luxurious all-round service. Here the topic of health is understood correctly and viewed holistically. The Paracelsus Recovery team not only treats the ailment itself, but all underlying problems are identified and treated - this resonates with the philosophy of B-YOUnique and that's why I love working with the Paracelsus Recovery family very much. 

As a meditation & As a mindfulness teacher/coach, I accompany our clients on their way to getting to know themselves better and leading a more balanced life. By working on her different areas of life (work, relationships, holistic health & YOU), we are steadily getting closer to this goal.


My methods are lifestyle advice, modern meditation including breathing techniques, mindfulness & personal development.


The study of Ayurveda medicine also helps me to determine the cause of the ailment, be it physical, mental or emotional. The treatment is adapted to your individual dosha and guna (physical and mental constitution).


VAMKK (Association for Afro Fashion, Art & Culture)
African Fashion Night (AFN)

In August 2023, B-YOUnique started a valuable partnership with the VAMKK and the AFN. ​


Since 2018, the African Fashion Night has become the most coveted African fashion show in Zurich and enchants the audience with its extraordinary presentation of opulence and sophistication. Proudly supported and promoted by VAMKK, a Zurich-based association promoting Afro fashion, arts and culture, this event highlights the essence of Africa's exquisite and undiscovered gems through the power of fashion, arts and culture. ​


The AFN is the ultimate blend of luxury, elegance and style. Experience it at our twice-yearly fashion show showcasing the splendor and cultural richness of Africa.


Dive into the world of high-end fashion and join us at the prestigious Kunsthaus Zurich for an unparalleled event that leaves you fully inspired and delighted.


Swiss quality for maximum sleeping comfort

"SWEET DREAMS COLLECTION offers you a comprehensive range of first-class bedding made of natural fibers and synthetic fibers of plant origin. In our carefully compiled range you will find the entire range of high-quality bedding. Whether blankets, cushions, pillows or especially for allergy sufferers - SWEET DREAMS COLLECTION stands for decades of experience , for first-class quality and excellent value for money."


Sweet Dreams Collection is my partner of choice if it comes to the topic of sleep. Healthy sleep is of the utmost importance for our health. In these hours we not only process what we have experienced during our day, our brain is literally "washed" overnight, important antibodies are formed and we regenerate our entire system (just to name a few).


However, these processes only work properly if we get enough and, above all, good quality sleep.


A good evening routine and comfortable bedding are crucial for this.


YOGA BOUTIQUE – Ihr Shop für Yoga, Meditation & Wohlbefinden

Sind Sie auf der Suche nach einzigartigen Yoga Produkten mit dem gewissen Etwas? Produkte, die spezielle Designs, schöne Farben, Funktionalität und tolle Materialien zusammen vereinen – und das erst noch mit dem ultimativen Wohlfühlfaktor? Dann sind Sie bei uns genau richtig!

Wir sind ein Schweizer Familien Start-up, das 2018 mit viel Freude und Elan einen Onlineshop für Produkte rund um Yoga, Meditation & Wohlbefinden ins Leben gerufen hat. Im November 2020 wurde der Yoga Laden in Altbüron eröffnet, in dem Sie sämtliche Produkte auch vor Ort testen, aus- und anprobieren können.

Bei uns finden Sie ein ausgewähltes Sortiment: Verschiedene Yogamatten aus nachhaltigen Materialien, wunderschöne Meditationskissen, super bequeme Yoga Kleidung (die meisten Teile sind made in Switzerland), Edelstein Wasserflaschen, bio Naturkosmetik, Tee und vieles mehr!

Die meisten Produkte werden von uns selbst entworfen und sind exklusiv bei uns erhältlich. Für die Umsetzung unserer Ideen arbeiten wir gerne mit Kleinbetrieben zusammen, bei denen die Produkte mit viel Liebe und Leidenschaft entstehen.

Das Sortiment wird mit weiteren tollen Artikeln ergänzt, die wir selber täglich nutzen und die uns sehr am Herzen liegen.

Uns ist wichtig, dass unsere Produkte nicht nur funktionell sind, sondern auch viel Freude bereiten – so dass man sie gerne und häufig benutzt. Damit möchten wir einen kleinen Anstoss geben, Yoga ins Leben zu integrieren und das Glück in all den kleinen alltäglichen Dingen zu finden.


Sind Sie neugierig geworden? Dann lassen Sie sich inspirieren…

How about YOU ?
With your own YOUniqueness

Welcome YOUnique Soul ​


Nice that you are interested in a possible cooperation with B-YOUnique. If you are now wondering whether YOU are a suitable cooperation partner, I have a couple of questions for you here. ​


  • Do you care about the well-being of people?

  • Do you love what you do?

  • Do you think your service or product improves people's lives?

  • Would you like to be part of a YOUnity that aims to enjoy life to the fullest?

That's what this commYOUnity is all about. We don't seek perfection and exaggerated obsession with health. We want to live a balanced life. With a lifestyle that suits YOU and brings wellbeing on all levels - physically, mentally & emotionally. ​


So, I am looking for YOU - pychologist, psychiatrist, fitness lover, artist, nutritionist, dancer, writer, cook, yogi, massage therapist, TCM, TEN or Ayurveda therapist, sound healer, aromatherapist, and beautician. ​


We all can use our gifts to bring joy, growth and holistic wellbeing to peoples lives. ​


Together we are a YOUnity and can help each other blossom.

I'm looking forward to amazing events, workshops, retreats, lectures & more.

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