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Heile deinen Geist mit Meditation und Achtsamkeit

"Whatever you think you can or cannot do, you will be proved right."


Our thoughts have an incredible power over our lives. A thought preceded all of our decisions, actions, words, and feelings. Our mind thus, influences our daily behavior and as a consequence our habits are formed.


Healing our mind means understanding it and being able to guide it consciously. Through meditation and mindfulness you'll practice this in everyday life.

Welcome YOUnique Soul - First let's define, what health means in our commYOUnity.

It's about exploring yourself, life & it's aspects. During this journey we will figure out together, how to bring more balance into your own YOUniverse. Our approach will never be isolated, but always include the aspects of your Physical-, Mental- & Emotional Health. You will also find this to be true, referring to the philosophy of Yin & Yang.

These 3 concepts, are uncompromisingly linked, so ...


  • if your body is doing well - it automatically affects the health of mind & soul.

  • if you work on your mental state, you will feel physical and emotional improvement.

  • if you take care of your soulset/heartset, it will have an immediate impact on your mindset and healthset.


Take the decision, to make yourself the most precious gift you'll ever receive.


A luxurious life, is a life with prosperous health & well-being.

Ayurveda Psychology (in ed.)

With Ayurveda, YOU are seen very individually and according to your personal mind constitution. It is a body-mind medical system that is thousands of years old and takes a holistic approach to your ailments. In doing so, we not only fight symptoms, but we go deeper, by truly getting to the causes and thus the roots of the experienced phenomenom.



Meditation is probably the best known method to learn to understand and train our mind. Like the muscles of our body, our thoughts and feelings are trained through regular practice. Our body relaxes and our mind turns inward and therefore becomes clear and present. Meditation is a state of being, which means - we perceive the now and thus practice pure acceptance, mindfulness, awareness, observation, concentration, deep introspection and contemplation. With better organized thoughts & feelings, our life can be experienced with more awareness and attention and this brings us more peace and balance. Thus, through pure mental training, we can cultivate mental and physical health, general well-being, feelings of happiness and productivity.

There are many different types of formal practice that can be tailored to the practitioner and the desired goal.


I am happy to find the right form of meditation for YOU.



Mindfulness in everyday life


We can wonderfully incorporate the mindfulness practice into our everyday life in small sequences. Body, breath, thoughts, feelings, words and actions are carefully observed. We are present and completely neutral towards ourselves and the people we meet every day. Through mindfulness practice we develop more awareness, presence, openness, patience, trust, compassion, love, discipline and perseverance. We will also look at how often you act in autopilot mode and what programmed thought patterns shape you.



Breathing Exercises - Pranayama


Our breath is incredibly powerful and directly connected to our emotions, body and mind. When we are relaxed, we breathe deeply and calmly. With excitement, nervousness or fear, the breath immediately becomes faster and shallow. Accordingly, we can consciously use our breath to change our state. For this we work with Pranayama (Sanskrit: Prana = life energy, Ayama = expansion, control, guidance), this describes breathing exercises that serve to guide our breath consciously and mindfully. We can use it, among other things, to connect body & mind, to let go of things, to purify ourselves, to energize, to calm ourselves, to come into the present moment and to feel a connection to yourself.

Let us take a deep breath together to experience balance and healing.





Yoga is primarily a moving meditation practice that is used to prepare the body ideally for sitting meditation. It makes it easier for us to access our body. Often we are lost with our thoughts - lost in the past or in the future. However, life in the here and now is all that matters and everything we can have an influence on. The harmonious movements of our body with our breath make it easier for us to just be here. In this way we prepare ourselves ideally for meditation.

Of course, yoga also helps us to work with our body. Certain pains can be prevented or alleviated, mobility improves and our immune system also benefits from the practice.


Yoga is a nice way to better understand your body & mind and to train them at the same time. The connection between body and mind brings us a lot closer to our balance.




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