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  • B-YOUnique and African Fashion Night – What’s the connection?

    Hey YOUnique Souls As the next African Fashion Night is approaching on May 24th /25th 2024 🔥 --> go get your ticket if you haven’t already🙌🏽 I wanted to take the opportunity to share with you, where the story of African Fashion Night (AFN) meets B-YOUnique. Or to say this a little more accurate – how my personal story, led to the union of B-YOUnique and AFN. While AFN strives to showcase the beauty and richness of Africa during their popular event, which presents twice a year at Kunsthaus, Zurich Switzerland. Olivia James (founder of AFN) and I also talked a lot about the unique challenges, that come with being a person of color (POC) in Switzerland. We decided to bond together and make B-YOUnique the official Mental Health Partner of African Fashion Night (supported by VAMKK – Verein Für Afro Mode, Kunst & Kultur). You will find more in-depth information around this partnership on African Fashion Night – scrolling down until here …. Being mixed (Swiss 🇨🇭 x Camerounian 🇨🇲 ) myself and having grown up in a very small town in Switzerland – I had my own experiences and challenges on this path, which back then often felt like I’m the only one going through all of this. Amongst others, things such as: not feeling like you really belong, hair drama, skin color issues, being too loud or too much of ‘you name it’ – have been topics that I figured out by myself. Even though I have the most caring, supporting and loving mother, and she basically is my best friend on earth too, I felt like she could probably not understand these particular thoughts and feelings entirely. I had to leave Switzerland again and again to places, where at least I knew I’m foreign. I had a proper role there. I was a traveler exploring other countries, languages, and cultures. I liked that role – it was safe and easy (…supposedly). But while travelling the world by myself, something wonderful happened as a by-product. There was enough time and space, that I finally had the chance to meet and get to know myself. ALL of me – and I started to truly love that human being, which I am. What a blessing! 🙏🏽 Only now, slowly but surely, the want to seek for community grew stronger and stronger within my heart. So, I started to look for it … I joined the AFN-Tribe, and I was welcomed with open arms. I had so many conversations with people that shared similar stories, common feelings, and lots of different experiences. Some made us laugh, some made us cry, but all of them, made us appreciate each other and connect on a heart to heart level. 💞 This is the power of community. And it truly is a matter of my heart to be there for mine. As a Holistic Health Therapist, who specializes in Mental and Emotional Health – it feels like a true honor to me, that B-YOUnique has the opportunity to be, the open ear, the open heart and the widely opened arms for everyone, who needs it – within and of course also outside the POC family. I’d like to make it clear, that I’m not excluding or prioritizing anybody. All of us experience our own challenges and all of them matter! Never mind how “small” or “big” they seem to you – always know, that all of us are on a journey, trying to navigate through this life. We all just want to be seen, heard, understood and loved in our entirety. Please remember: YOU are not alone, you are YOUnique and you are freaking amazing, just the way you are. 🫶🏽 Love, B. 🤍 Connect with me on: → YouTube: B-YOUnique | Living your balance is a luxury → IG: b_younique_ch → TikTok: b_younique_ch → FB: byouniquezh → Or send me an e-mail:

  • Springtime Symphony 🌸 | Ayurveda's Vasanta Rtu and it‘s connection to a balanced life

    Springtime Vibes Hey YOUnique Soul, can you feel the vibes too? Springtime arrives, and with it comes a delightful dance of rejuvenation - in the Ayurvedic tradition known as Vasanta Rtu. While the world awakens from its wintry slumber, Ayurveda invites us to sync our rhythms with nature's vibrant pulse. It has already been a while now, since I started to feel this energy of change, new beginnings, fresh motivation and growth. I felt the urge to recharge and get myself ready for big things. 💥 Before going out into the world again - I felt naturally drawn to withdraw and introspect. The timing made so much sense, as Vasanta Rtu in Ayurveda started already in February (Vasanta Rtu: 22.2. - 21.04.). The year has just started and I asked myself some important questions: What is going well so far? What is missing? What is my deepest desire for the next couple of months? Am I using my gifts for the right purpose and with the right intentions? Am I walking my talk? Do I honor my values - in my thoughts, in my speech and in my actions? Am I living my life in MY YOUnique balance? Reflecting on these questions made me take action, toward the creation of a purposeful new beginning. 💫 The power of New Beginnings Spring carries this exciting energy of a fresh start. There are many traditions that celebrate the new year at, or around, the Spring Equinox, which happens to be today ☺️ Thus, let me wish you (once again) a Happy New Year YOUnique Soul! 🌅 I wish you the courage to shine your light, and create a life that fuels you with a feeling of purpose, happiness and love. Last year I held a workshop around the topic of Spring Time & New Beginnings, this video shares some of the content we covered. Kindly leave your comment below the video - I would love to read your own opinions and views around this topic. (I would of course also appreciate a click on the like button, if you did like it - or if you just feel like being nice 🤭) Retreat & Cleansing Vasanta Rtu is the perfect time for a cleanse. Ayurveda suggests to let go of all the accumulated Kapha, which was needed during winter time (see blog post: Śiśira Rtu). Due to the warmer weather, the wet and oily Dosha is 'melting' now, and therefore creates more mucus and sliminess within our bodies, and often also a more sluggish mental state. Many of us react with feeling a lack of energy or enduring tiredness, we easily catch colds or a flu and some of us are getting through the yearly hay fever period. A cleansing treatment is of great benefit during Vasanta Rtu. Vardhamana - An Ayurveda Cleanse The popular 'Spring Cleaning' doesn't only make sense in our homes. I decided to support my Agni, (digestive fire and driving force in all metabolic processes) in all the hard work that it has to do - especially in Vasanta Rtu. There is so much transofrmation going on - in our bodies, in nature and ideally also in our thoughts and habits. While in winter we are more inside and tempt to be more sluggish and still - we now have to get ready for more movement. As mother nature awakens, so do we... Here are a couple of checkpoints: Clean Body: Introducing a cleansing diet will help your body with the elimination of toxins, excess fat deposits, and the mentioned properties, of the now hightened Kapha Dosha. Clean Mind: We all know that Nature, Body and Mind are always in symbiosis. So ask yourself what's currently cluttering your mind? What can you let go of? Which believe would you like to transform? Where do you feel stuck and might need to reroute? What would help you to gain peace of mind? Clean Heart: Make sure to let your emotions flow in a healthy way. Suppressing, ignoring or negating them will never leave you with a feeling of freedom and love. Our inner world will always catch up and show up, in whatever form or way. If you manage to stay in touch with your feelings and give them the room they deserve and need, they will be your most potent and healing guides. Clean Surroundings: Look around - do you like what you see? What can grow now? Now that you've created some space - take a moment to realize how freeing this feels. Renouncing or letting go can be hard, but now YOUnique Soul, it's time to let things grow that did not have enough room before. New friendships, a new hobby, a new job, a new home or new thought patterns, routines and habits - YAY ! Doesn't this sound exciting? It's time to invite new things to your life, freshen up the forgotton or let seeds, that you've been watering for long time, finally blossom. 🌺 Be inspired by nature Step outside and surrender to the playful embrace of Mother Nature herself. Watch how she shows us once again, what the time is ripe for. Breathe in the floral and fresh scents and bring them into your home as well. What do you like most? My diffuser is currently spraying the lovely scent of roses, sweet orange or lavender. 🥰 Let the earth beneath your feet ground you, while the gentle breeze whispers secrets of renewal and growth. I believe that sunshine is nature's way of smiling at us - so next time when her sunrays tickle your face, smile back! 😍 I know there has been a lot of rain in Zurich lately... Ha! Could it be, that nature is going through a nice cleanse as well, before she is ready to shine her light again? Transformation takes time, and nature is never in a rush. So try to indulge yourself in the beauty of springtime's symphony, allowing its melody to serenade you into a state of pure bliss. 😌 I don't know about YOU - but I'm soo ready to bloom now! I wish you the most wonderful spring time YOUnique Soul and I'm curious to hear about your "Spring Cleanse" on all levels. I'm looking forward to seeing your light shine brighter than ever, now that all the dust has been blown off. ☀️ As always - remember this: Working on yourself (especially on a mental & emotional basis) is hard work and can feel overwhealming. Never shy away from seeking help. 🙏🏽 Connect with me on: → YouTube: B-YOUnique | Living your balance is a luxury → IG: b_younique_ch → TikTok: b_younique_ch → FB: byouniquezh → Or send me an e-mail: Much love to YOU 🤍

  • Living by Ayurveda‘s Seasons | Śiśira Rtu | Late Winter | 22.12.-21.02.

    As I've seen some snowflakes falling again and I've been taking the even more cuddly scarf for my walks lately, I felt the urge to talk about the Rtu we're currently in, according to Ayurveda. B, what is a Rtu? You might have guessed it ... it must have something to do with seasons right? Yes, and as always in Ayurveda - what we see in mother nature, we also see/feel as a reflection within us. The seasons have a tremendous impact on our bodies, our mental-, as well as our emotional health. In Ayurveda, we distinguish 6 'seasons' (Rtu) throughout the year. The year is separated in two Ayanas, which are aligned with the movement of the sun. Uttarayana, stands for the northern run, and lasts from December 22nd until June 21st. Dakshinayana, stands for the southern run, and lasts from June 22nd until December 21st. These are also the dates of our Winter and Summer Solistices. The 6 'seasons' (they are not entirely the same thing as our seasons) go on for 2 months each and are named as follows: Vasanta (spring), Grsima (early summer), Varsha (late summer), Sharada (fall), Hermanta (early winter) and Śiśira (late winter). Obviously it depends on where in the world you live, so the weather can be different to the defined dates of the 6 'seasons' mentioned in the ayurvedic texts, which have their roots in India. Once you understood the concept of the Doshas though, this will be the best indicator on how to translate literally any weather condition. With the changing weather - the Doshas shown in nature are performing quite a beautiful dance, which also impacts the Doshas in us. Now all of us have a different ratio of our Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and that's why we all have another relationship with weather conditions. While I love, love, love the hot summer days - YOU might feel more comfortable in the colder days of the year. Some of us can't stand wind, while others actually enjoy it. Ever wondered why that is? Our Deha Prakriti (Body Constitution Type) has a lot to do with it. So, as we are in Śiśira Rtu now, it is important to make sure we feed our Kapha and tame our Vata. If you feel like I'm talking about some pets now - make sure to watch my Video about the 3 Doshas in Ayurveda first 😂 Ok, now you should be ready to go ahead 🙌🏽 When Kapha is strong and stable, we have a good "Bala" (defense/immune system), which we all need to withstand these temperatures. That's why our bodies are trying to accumulate Kapha during Śiśira Rtu. Vata potentially will get quite triggered from the cold and dry climate too. So we make sure to soothen the delicate Vata Dosha during Śiśira Rtu. We therefore wanna be warm, cozy, well-nourished and strengthened. As you probably know by now, Ayurveda always works all-encompassing. So we adapt our behavior within the different pillars of Svasthana (Health) on a physical (dosa sama, dhatu sama, mala sama) mental (manah prsanna, indriya prsanna) level, as well as on the level of the self/soul (atman sama). B, what can I do to stay healthy throughout Śiśira Rtu? Glad you asked! 😁 Try this: Drink hot water throughout the day (add some ginger if you like the extra kick) Drink warm herbal teas Minimize cold foods and drinks on your menu Get some nice oil massages (I know a great place to go, if you need a hint ☺️) Wear your warmest clothes Whenever the sun is coming out - go tank some Eat foods that nurture you with good, healthy oils and fats Use red wine for cooking (the alcohol will evaporate, but the properties of the grapes remain) To be fair...if you like red wine - enjoy a glass along your meal too. Ayurveda doesn't judge, especially during Śiśira Rtu ;-) Implement milk (cow, oat or almond), ghee, dried fruit, almonds and other nuts to your diet Support your Agni (digestive fire) with ginger, turmeric, black pepper, hing (asafoetida), garlic, bay leaves, cardamom, nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves, etc. Avoid dry foods Implement buckwheat and millet into your diet Cuddle up with your favorite blanket, a cup of tea and read a lovely book Take a soothing bath and add your favorite scents The 'holy rough nights' have passed by, but Śiśira is a wonderful time to stay inside and go inward. Introspect, connect with yourself, journal, meditate, and do some smooth yoga practices Be kind to yourself and even pamper yourself these days Get an early and good night sleep :-) Do not fast or go on a diet now. I know December might have been hard on your scale, but there will be better times in the year to get rid of some extra kilos. Vasanta Rtu is not far (22.2. - 21.04.) These are just a few ideas of how to make sure you can balance your Doshas in a health promoting way during Śiśira Rtu. Adapting our behavior, diet and other routines to the predominant season, Ayurveda calls Rtucaryā (seasonal regimen). Of course there are many more aspects to this and certainly we could go deeper into every single point - so if you feel intrigued you're always welcome to reach out to me. Stay warm YOUnique Souls ❄️ Connect with me on: → YouTube: B-YOUnique | Living your balance is a luxury → IG: b_younique_ch → TikTok: b_younique_ch → FB: byouniquezh → Or send me an e-mail:

  • Mindful Transitions - Embracing the New Year with Purpose

    As we stand on the threshold of a new year, it's an opportune time for mindful reflection, introspection and purposeful intention setting for our future. Carve out some time, for an intentional break. Some meaningful YOU-time. Pause and explore this very moment to ask yourself a few questions. I always like to create an environment that makes me feel good. Some calm music, a lovely scent in my diffusor (right now the essential oil from Farfalla called "Kuschelzart"), dimmed lights, my favorite candle, a nice cup of tea, a cuddly blanket and I like to choose one or two of my crystals too. Get your journal ready YOUnique Souls, we have some writing to do :-) Capture the NOW Give yourself a moment to arrive and calm down. Take some deep breaths to arrive in the moment and connect to yourself. For this, it can be helpful to ask yourself the following three questions. How does my body feel? How do I experience my mind space? What is my heart telling me? Now that you arrived in the moment, zoom out a little bit and shed some light on your current life situation. What do I love about my life right now? What would I like to change? How well do I know myself? Do I know my core values and do I live by them? Can I see both - my light and my shadow side? What am I scared of? What brings me most joy? What is currently most important to me? Who in my life inspires me? By whom do I feel loved? Is there someone I'd like to say 'thank you' today? Reflect on the year Of course most of the questions above are influenced by your past. Now, when you look back on the past year, it needs an even wider view. Looking back - can I point out 12 great things that happened to me? They can be as big as winning the lottery, to as seemingly "small", as someone helped me carry my luggage up the stairs at the airport. (If this seems difficult, your agenda might help with this one, or of course your journal) Which activity, place or person is draining my energy? Which activity, place or person is filling me up with positivity and joy? What did I accomplish this year, and how did I get there? What went wrong? Which challenging situations do I remember? Which lessons did I learn this year? How will I integrate these lessons into my future? What am I grateful for? Take a moment to show yourself some appreciation YOUnique Soul. The fact alone, that you are reading this and hopefully will answer some of the proposed questions, shows your interest in your personal growth. This is not always an easy path - but it is for sure worthwhile. Look into a Future that makes YOU smile This life is supposed to make YOU smile YOUnique Soul. Once you're living your balance - you will be able to radiate joy, kindness, peace and love to the people around you. So, it is not selfish to take care of yourself first. If you are at your best, you will be an even better parent, partner, friend, sibling, child, performer in your job and therefore the best inspiration and source of positivity for the world. So let's have a look at what's in front of us, and what we can do, to prepare for a year we can look forward to. After you evaluated the past, I'm sure there are certain things you can let go of in the future. What will that be? What am I ready to welcome in? What kind of relationships do I want to foster? What kind of people do I want around me? Do I know my purpose? What is my mission statement? What's the work I want to put my efforts in? What are my intentions for the next year? Who do I want to be? How do I want to show up in my life? How do I want to live? How do I want to feel? What is my main goal? What do I want to achieve in the different areas of my life? (Health & Wellbeing, Career, Finances, Love, Relationships, Personal Growth, Spirituality, general happiness, ...) Which steps do I need to take to reach my goals? Which habits and routines do I need to develop in order to accomplish all of this? The next step would be the planning of the year. I know that not all of us are big fans of plans and I like the famous quote of Dwight D. Eisenhower, that states "Plans are nothing, but planning is everything". We all know that life always has plans of its own for us and often the outcome is so much better, than we could've ever imagined. But knowing your next step and having a bigger picture of your dreams, goals and intentions gives you a good feeling and the drive you need to get started. Here are some additional inputs for a fresh start, which might support your new year spirit. I won't go into detail here, but you can always let me know if you wish for some help or further information on any of the topics/questions mentioned in this blog. Also have a look at my YouTube video around this topic, this may support you even more in the process of mindful transitioning. Create a plan for the year, then for the separate months. Figure out how your week needs to be structured and finally check what's important on a daily basis. Create your vision board. Get creative and give it your personal touch. Paint something or stick pictures on it. You can of course also do it on your phone or lap top. I like it old-school though :-) Clean your home, and maybe use smudge sticks or palo santo, to clean the space energetically too. Of course all of the above is not only something you can do when transitioning from year to year. I hope you can find certain questions that resonate with you also throughout the year. Reflection and introspection is a great way to stay connected with yourself and to align yourself regularly with the life you want to live, as well as the person you want to be. If you want to do something meaningful for your mental- & emotional health - I highly recommend this. I wish you a mindful transition into the new year. May you be blessed with moments of joy, success, peace, laughter and love. Connect with me on: → YouTube: B-YOUnique | Living your balance is a luxury → IG: b_younique_ch → TikTok: b_younique_ch → FB: byouniquezh → Or send me an e-mail:

  • Explore Holistic Health & Wellbeing with B-YOUnique

    Hey YOUnique Soul, My YOUniverse just got a little bigger - join me in celebrating my new blog! As I know that not all of you are using Social Media as a source of information and inspiration, I hope I can reach YOU with these lines. In case you still prefer to watch my YouTube Video around this topic, I have it right here for you :-) As the world of Holistic Health & Wellbeing is huge, and there is an abundance of counselors, therapists, coaches, gurus and guides - all with their very own approach, I found it crucial to share with you what you can expect, when entering my world. The foundation of B-YOUnique is built on the massive pillars of the ancient wisdom of a holisitc medical system called Ayurveda. Ayurveda translates as the "Knowledge of Life" Don't we all wish to know more about life? How to live a healthy, happy, fulfilled life? There are so many questions that seemingly won't be answered. When I started my journey of figuring out more about myself and the purpose I have on this earth, Meditation was the first tool that brought "answers". Suddenly my path started to unravel itself effortlessly. I started to dive in to Mindfulness, Yoga, and the infinite sageness of Ayurveda. At some point I found myself delving in so deeply, that it became clear to me, that my studies to the teachings of Ayurveda Medicine, Ayurveda Philosophy and Ayurveda Psychology, will be a life long journey. All that said, I'd like to make you understand, that my work contains literally all aspects of life. I firmly believe that most ailments have their roots in our psyche though. This means that I work holistically, but with a focus on your Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing. "No matter how much we have, if we don't feel balanced physically, mentally and emotionally - we feel unfulfilled." So - Let's dive into what Holistic Health and Wellbeing mean to me, and how adopting the following approach, can lead to a more fulfilling and balanced life. Living your balance is a luxury, is the credo B-YOUnique stands for. Be assured, that living in balance is an ongoing journey - and not a fixed state that we're trying to reach. It is a lifestyle, a mindset and a lifelong commitment of mindful living. Holistic Health There are 3 dimensions which belong into this area. Physical Health: To be physically healthy we strive for the absence of illness or injury. We wish to feel energized, fit, strong and flexible. So how do we reach this? Sure, we all are aware of the fact, that movement plays a crucial role. Nutrition also got more into the awareness of people. So far so good - Now, it is equally important to give our bodies the needed relaxation and periods of rest. This includes a healthy sleep hygiene, mindful breathing, massages, holidays and of course I'd highly recommend a meditation practice. :-) You might wonder what meditation has to do with your body - but this goes beyond the scope of this blogs topic. It is important to know though, that your body, your mind, and your heart are in an intricate connection and this results in the fact, that an imbalance in one aspect can affect the others. Emotional Health: To feel emotionally balanced, it is key to connect with yourself. You want to understand, manage and express your emotions mindfully. You know yourself for your whole life - but many of us have lost the ability to connect with their own emotions, their spirituality and their true self. This disconnect can lead to deep pain and lures us oftentimes to unhealthy coping strategies, which steer us into a vicious circle. Most of my clients are keen on developing skills for stressmanagement, dealing with high pressure and finding a way to grow their self love. What is it for YOU? Menal Health: Although all three dimensions are intertwined, there is a particularly close connection between our mental and emotional health. In Ayurveda both areas belong to 'manas/manah' which (in a short manner) could be translated to our psyche. So if we learn to understand our mind, we can embark on a journey of befriending the mind, detecting negative thought patterns, and choosing our thoughts mindfully. This will give us more control over not only our thoughts, but also the related emotions and as a conclusion our daily habits. Now health "alone" doesn't seem to make the human being happy. Although I'd really hope for you, that you commit to just one ting RIGHT NOW! Please, start cultivating more gratefulness for your health. Even if there might be some imbalances at the moment - you are alive YOUnique Soul. Take a moment each and every day to celebrate this. Maybe you want to try my Gratitude Meditation to start this new daily habit. :-) Wellbeing There are another 3 dimensions which belong into the area of Wellbeing. YOU: What do YOU need to be well? Do you spend enough time elaborating what it is you like, dislike, aspire in life? Did you ever dare to ask yourself any of these questions? - Who am I? - What do I believe? - What is my purpose? - What is important to me? - What are the values I want to live by? - What kind of human being do I want to be? This list could go on and on ... And I know that it can get overwhealming - seeking support, will help you navigate through this. Believe me it will be worthwile. #SpiritualHealth CommYOUnity - Your Inner Circle: The people that surround you have an immense impact on your wellbeing. Become aware of your community. How are your relationships with Family, Friends, Kids, or your romantic partner? Are your relationships fulfilling? Do you ever take time to reflect on the quality of your connections? Fostering healthy relationships, and practicing a compassionate approach are integral components for your overall wellbeing. #SocialHealth YOUniverse - The Collective: Zoom out and have a broader look at your YOUniverse. I don't even mean this in a spiritual manner - although it can of couse include that. I mean just about everything that surrounds you. Everything your senses get in touch with. The place where you live, your work or your endeavours, nature in all its forms, the current spirit of the time, global topics and everything else that has to do with the collective experience. There are so many facets to our lives and you deserve to feel healthy, happy, free, loved and shamelessly self expressed YOUnique Soul. I wish for you to carry a strong body, a free mind, and a blissful heart, that allows you to live a more balanced life. Ayurveda Medicine, Philosophy and Psychology have the universal mightyness to embrace all of the above. I'm sure you can understand now, why it is a life long study, and why I'm captivated to keep on studying the richess of this health system. My supreme discipline along the way, has consitently been Mindfulness & Meditation and I'm sure it can enrich your life too. Through my 1:1 work, my YouTube Channel, my Instagram and also this new born blog here, I'm trying to share some of these priceless aspects in a simple manner. I hope YOU enjoy the journey... Connect with me on: → YouTube: B-YOUnique | Living your balance is a luxury → IG: b_younique_ch → TikTok: b_younique_ch → FB: byouniquezh → Or send me an e-mail:

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