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YOUnique Meditations

On this page you will find free meditations, as a little goodie. :-)

Would you like to create your very own meditation though?

Then order your YOUnique meditation right here below.


YOUnique Meditations

There are apps, meditation classes, workshops & co., but these meditations aren't YOUniquely for you, right? ​


Except maybe in a YOUnique coaching ;-) ​


Here's your chance to create your very own meditation, which you can then listen to -

from anywhere - anytime. ​

  • affirmations

  • visualizations

  • manifestations

  • stress relief

  • sleep meditations

  • anything YOU need


Think about a theme, the desired length of the meditation and whether you have a specific background music in mind... ​


... and off we go.​​ ​


I'm looking forward to YOU.

Languages: Schwiizerdütsch, Deutsch, English, Español, Français, Italiano

Gifted Meditations

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