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1:1 coaching | online & in person

These 1:1 encounters are all about YOU & your growth. We work on your desires, goals, habits, blockages, challenges, beliefs, thought & behavioural patterns in all areas of life*

*Areas of life - work | relationships | health | YOU 

YOUnique Coaching

YOUnique coaching

Let's explore your YOUniverse together. ​

The course of your coaching journey:


  • 30 minutes Meet & Greet: We freely get to know each other and discuss your expectations. Let's find out if we have the same "vibe" and whether we'd like to  work together.

  • If it matches we'll get started. We will now plan together, how your coaching journey will evolve.

YOUniqueness means that my coaching does not follow a rigid process, but is completely tailored to YOU. Also the location can adapt to your mood, needs and your schedule.

We may meet...

...on a walk by the lake

... in a nice coffee/restaurant
... at the convenience of your home
... in the lovely B-YOUnique Studio
... online via Zoom/Teams/WhatsApp
... I even stop by your work, as long as we can find a quiet place there :-)


  • The pricing depends on the chosen model of the coaching. You can book regular sessions, dive deep with an exlusive coaching deLuxe experience over several weeks, design your own private retreats and all of that will be100% customized to your needs and wishes.

    Find out about the different packages, or simply get in touch for a free meet & greet.

YOUnique Coachig
People in Public, Public Person Coaching

Coaching for
People in Public

The life of a CEO, athlete, musician, politician, actor or for other reasons publicly exposed person may look glamorous and just amazing from the outside - I've always been interested in the human being behind it though. I accompany people in the focus of society with absolute discretion and integrity. I regularly work on the following topics in such sessions:


  • Constant pressure & expectations

  • Do people care about me, or just in my wealth respectively my status

  • Everyone forms an opinion about me and likes to share it publicly

  • Media is eagerly awaiting the next scandal or breakthrough

  • Relationships are publicly discussed & commented 

  • My appearance, figure, as well as my look gets constantly evaluated

  • True friendships get harder to identify

  • Rarely alone, but often lonely

  • Hardly any privacy

  • Daily routines get directed by entourage

  • Extreme emotional states (ups & downs before and after public appearances

  • Self- and external image gradually merge

  • Problems with boundry setting

  • I have to numb my feelings and emotions, with alcohol, medication and drugs

  • I am developing an eating disorder (binge eating , tendencies towards bulimia or anorexia)

    To stay resilient, healthy and close to your true self gets extremely difficult in such an environment. Especially if experienced already at a young age.

    Often unhealthy coping strategies creep in and you maneuver yourself into a lifestyle that sooner or later leads to anxiety or other illnesses of body, mind or soul.

    I am here to accompany and support you to deal with your daily challanges -  physically, but above all mentally and emotionally.

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Personen in der Öffentlichkeit

Coaching deLuxe

"Living your balance is a luxury"


If you desire even more YOUniqueness, you are going to like the luxurious "Coaching deLuxe".

This appeals not only to the people who are willing to invest in their health and wellbeing, but especially to those who wish an exclusive* companionship program, while "living the good life".


Here we work very intensively together for a longer time period. We don't forget though, that personal grwoth should take place without any pressure and ideally can be combined with the beautiful things in life.

Our journey could look like this:


  • 1:1 private retreat & then back to real life together*. Retreats are great, but once you are back in your daily life, unhealthy routines and old patterns quickly creep back in. I will accompany you until you feel confident enough to take the next step.

  • 24/7* availability in person, via Zoom, by phone or via WhatsApp messages

We create your de Luxe coaching journey individually,  according to your requirements -
YOUniquely for you.

(can be booked without retreat)

* According to a clear agreement


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luxuriöses Coaching deLuxe
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