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Holistic Health & Wellbeing

For YOUR Balance
physically | mentally | emotionally
in all areas of life

Hi, nice to meet YOU!

I am Belinda, holistic health counselor, wellbeing coach, mindfulness ambassador and founder of B-YOUnique.


B-YOUnique is a call to YOU - to discover your YOUnique self and fully experience it.


Yes, we are all unique and yet we have so much in common.

  • We want to be healthy.

  • We wish to be heard and understood. 

  • We desire connection and love.

  • We are looking for purpose - a way to realize ourselves. 

In short - we all want a happy life.


In my opinion, happiness is a luxury. We can all lead such a luxurious life, when we find our own balance. 


There are countless reasons why you might fall out of balance. At B-YOUnique we use a Mindfulness and Ayurvedic Psychology/Medicine based approach, which will support you in addressing your challenges.


I look forward to meeting YOU.

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Am I right here ?


Of course, the terms holistic health & wellbeing are so comprehensive that you may ask yourself - am I right here?


Maybe you're not sick and actually feel quite well - but something brought you to this page, right? 


Well, if you're looking for more balance in your life, that's already a good indication. Maybe you don't know exactly what else it is and would like to find out with me.


Maybe your motivation to get in touch with me is very clear - dealing with pressure, stress reduction, life questions, getting to know yourself, addictive behaviours, lack of self-love, relationship issues, physical complaints or you're simply looking for more peace and quiet. Under B, help me with ... I have created a collection of the topics that my clients have already brought up, so that you can get an idea.


How will my journey look like?

YOU decide if you want to,


  • book single sessions.

  • dive deeper within a longer exclusive engagement.

  • start your journey on a private retreat, without any distractions from your everyday life.

Let's create your journey on a fully individual & YOUnique basis

I'm looking forward to meeting YOU.

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Welcome to B-YOUnique

You're invited to B- YOU nique


This is the beginning of YOUR journey ...


I have traveled a lot over the past 10 years. From continent to continent and also from my body, through my mind to my soul. Just like a trip around the world, the journey to ourselves can last a lifetime - depending on how deep you dare to immerse yourself.


When traveling to a new country, I have to decide first. Do I only visit the capital for a few days? Or do I take the time to linger - to get to know the country & people - values ​​& customs - language & food?


The same applies to the journey to yourself. Are you just scratching on the surface? Or are you ready to go a little deeper layer by layer? So you can perceive yourself in all dimensions?


No matter what you decide - I'll be with you for as long as you wish. I will help you understand how body, soul and spirit are connected to each other. You will learn to explore, perceive, accept and harmonize all three components of your being. By creating this balance, you allow yourself to live a healthier & happier life.

On your coaching journey you will learn, how to create more balance in your life (physically, mentally, emotionally). Through meditation, mindfulness & the right lifestyle you'll take daily steps towards the goal of being your YOUnique beloved self.

Treat yourself to the luxury of being YOUnique.

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Testimonial _Claire_Schlafprobleme_Mindset_Beratung .jpg

Sleep problems - Mindset

I was really tired of counting sheep. Carousel of thoughts, back pain and general malaise. With simple meditation and yoga exercises, as well as additional mindset coaching, Belinda helped me to find my inner peace. 


Since then we have been working on other topics, e.g. we are currently analyzing my eating behavior and the improvement in my quality of life increases after each appointment.


That's just great!

Testimonial _ Zara _ Stressmanagement während dem Studium

Stress management during MBA studies

I moved from Russia to Australia to complete my MBA studies at Bond University. It has been a huge change in my life and besides the initial language barriers, missing my family and friends, I was also struggling with stress, work overload and pressure to perform. I had regular zoom calls with Belinda and she helped me get through this. Later, when COVID-19, again changed my and many other peoples lives, I was even more grateful to have these catch ups. I bless the day I met Belinda, who always reminded me of who I am, how strong I can be and how to respect and believe in myself. Honesty, throughout few mindfulness meditation lessons and some useful micro practices for the daily use, I learned how to ease anxiety and mental stress. I greatly appreciate the professional approach and at the same time great empathy and compassion she showed. I definitely highly recommend this unique woman to those who want to improve their life and health.

Testimonial _ Familie Eggenberger _ Ernährungsberatung _ Lebensstil Beratung

Family Eggenberger

Nutrition & Lifestyle

Our kids had digestive problems at an early age and we definitely didn't want to give them medication over a longer period of time.

At B-YOUnique, Belinda not only checked on the eating behavior of our children, but also she took time for the whole family. We discussed various topics like, nutritional aspects, routines, mindful eating, mindful cooking and minor dietary changes that all of us could handle. This has improved the health of the whole family.


We disguised trying out new or alternative foods and various table rituals as a game, so the little ones even enjoyed taking part. "Schoggi" is of course still a highlight for all of us :)

B-YOUnqiue Kontakt _

Thank you for your message,I look forward to reading from you!





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Hornbachstrasse 23

8008 Zürich

+41 44 223 58 62

+41 78 246 30 05

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